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Generation Green Beach Clean-Up (10th grade laki-laki) February 8, 2011

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After delivering my well-practiced “Generation Green” speech, the 10th grade class, some teachers and I made our way to the beach for some cleaning and frolicking on the Chinese New Year. What was so awesome about spending the first day of the Rabbit Year with more than sixty 15-year-old Muslim boys, you ask? Highlights? My friend Vice getting attacked by a goat, tremendous car sickness, lots of angel fish, yummy banana leaf wrapped sticky, red, coconut rice, and watching the environmental passion of a generation grow as my favorite beach in Gorontalo became trash free. YAY! Nice job boys. Next stop Saronde Island, with the girls.


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6 Responses to “Generation Green Beach Clean-Up (10th grade laki-laki)”

  1. Dad Says:

    Go out and change the world Jo! That’s what we expect from our Fulbrighty California Surfer Girl!

  2. Julianne Says:

    Good work, Jolie! Which beach did you go to?

  3. Colin Edward Says:

    brilliant! keep scrubbin.. those beaches are looking spiiiiiiiiiffy!

  4. mamamamamam Says:

    what no gloves???????

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