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Coping. List #3. May 16, 2011

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As my morning’s text messages slowly rolled me out of bed at 10 am (it is a holiday for some absolutely last minute, unclear reason) I smiled at the wonderful truth. I am going home. Per request, I am going to happily list all the things I miss…the things I always miss when I am abroad. The things to which I am happy to reattach my roots. The things that fill me with comfort and satisfaction, and that I will revel in as I actually begin to stay in one place for far longer than 3-5 months at a time (for the first time of my adult life).

Things that I will love about coming home:

1) wiener dog greetings and sometimes peeings (Hazel, aww).

2) my momma’s hugs, and usually tears.

3) the way my dad looks at me and says “hi jo”, as if we just saw each other when I first come in the house from being gone a long time.

4) the dancing, jumping up and down, falling over and giggling that involves sister reunion. and the beautiful conversation and food that follows.

4) my love: his face, my feeling of home when my head meets his heart in our hugs, and all the overwhelmed feelings I am filled with when I remember I get to marry the smartest and sexiest man on the planet.

5) simply doing nothing but being with my Colemans (ntm turkey tacos).

6) talking fast, really fast and knowing everyone will understand me.

7) seeing the growth and change in my friends.

8 ) surfing everyday

9) organic, raw, fresh, local uuuuuhhh yess!!…veggies.

10 ) sunday morning with pescadero family, ie (pork) BACON.

11) sushi/indian/mexican/greek/ food

12) seth’s cooking in general

13) yoga classes and all my teachers

14) museums and going to art exhibits

15) LIVE (good) MUSIC!!!

16) wine and beer

17) being an admittedly sexual person and never even thinking about having to hide it.

18) my CAR!!! omg, little green w/ her surf board hat. and listening to music while driving.

19) my frequent road trips to visit all the beautiful people in my life.

20) being a Californian in general: having vast deserts, incredible cities, conscious people, redwoods, lakes, rivers, beautiful waves and beaches, and a pride that I would NOT have for just being “American”.


4 Responses to “Coping. List #3.”

  1. merm Says:

    What a fantastic way to wholesomely leave a traveled path! You stay so positive without denigration of your current abode. For me of course – and isn’t it always thus???? For me …after falling in love with “Jolie’s” Indonesia – more specifically Gorontolo and the kiddos and
    MAN INSAN Cendekia ( oh God did I misspell? ) I never felt I could give back to these lovely folks the real “Cath” – because I am part canine – and they could/would/should never understand. Woof Woof!

  2. greag brown Says:

    we’ll be glad to have you back kiddo

  3. Louise McPeeters Says:

    Hey Sweet Joli…Your post was forwarded to me by your Mom and I’m so glad she did. Welcome home to a lovely young woman, a fine writer, and someone I so look forward to seeing again from someone who wants to meet your love and hear all about your many adventures!! If you ever come north you are always welcome in Tuolumne for a stop along the way! Much Love to You, Aunt Louise

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