The This That is.

avoiding impossibilities

The Nature of “this” August 5, 2010

You might agree that to know anything you have to either A) directly experience it yourself or B) have faith it exists for a number of reasons, which include and are oftentimes limited to faith alone. “Reality” is dictated through a number of assumptions, either something empirical like sight or touchy-feely like intuition. First of all, who even knows if intuition is legit? Also, empirical evidence is subject to a number of doubts. Sounds spooky, but how do I know that I am really typing right now on my laptop? Did you not see the Matrix, read Descartes or study Buddhism? Put simply, our mundane experience is probably, most likely not entirely un-illusory. What we understand as reality is brought to us by faith. What does that say about language? Language is the bridge to the external, to the Other, to others. It is a reflection of our perception. This means it too is an imperfect propagator of illusions.  Despite all of this, people have their “this”, and people use language to talk about their “this”.  My this “is”  only because it’s the stuff I have faith is happening (and it seems as though faith in experience is all that constitutes isness). I have faith that I am in Sulawesi, Indonesia on a Fulbright scholarship. However, as shown earlier I could be entirely wrong. And as you read, I want you to know that I know that…and it doesnt matter. Is that Awesome? Yep. Well…I can’t possibly know for sure. But it seems like I’m pretty stoked.